Without Sanction

Debut is the best moment of our life and no matter what the job is, everyone tries to give one hundred percent on the first day. That was also the thought behind Matt Drake’s first mission in Syria, he wanted to give his best to the agency that has hired him but rather he failed. The failure cost him to lose the life of the people around him and tragically he survived all of this. Physically the agent remained unharmed but mentally the thought of being the cause of death of his colleagues tortured him like hell.

Unable to perform for the agency anymore he gets retired just after the first mission and starts living in the dejected condition that will go along with him till his death. Just when Matt was not expecting it he gets a call from the FBI once again and they want him to return to the place that haunts him during the day even i.e Syria. The mission is to save an old scientist who is in the hands of the ISIS; the scientist is on to something big and destructive for the world. But he intends to corrupt his own device if Matt rescues him from the enemy’s hands.

The author Don Bentley lets the hero reenter the nightmare that has caused much harm to his life because ironically this may be the cure to his miserable condition. Smooth narration by Jack Armstrong, the narrator knew what was needed for such a story and he started after being fully equipped with the tone worthy for the work. Not to forget the description of Syria by the author which is accurate and the author has done a detailed study about that region before writing the novel.





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