Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For is the 15th chapter in the Jack Reacher novel series. The series was able to come to so many chapters only because of the people who loved this saga and the character of Jack Reacher a lot. The author behind this wonderful series and Worth Dying For the novel is Lee Child. He is one of the best novelists when it comes to mystery novels. The other good books that are must check from Lee Child are Killer Floor and Blue Moon.

Dick Hill has narrated this chapter. His performances are magical and this novel is no exception. You will thoroughly enjoy his excellent vocal quality and expression.

Deadly trouble is there in Nebraska. Jack Reacher walks right into the middle of this trouble. First, he was ditched by Duncans, which is an ill-reputed local clan. But, it is the pending case of a child missing that Jack Reacher couldn’t just let go.

The Duncans were not good with Jack Reacher and they wanted him to be gone. It is not about only the old secrets that they are trying to hide, but there is a lot more to it. They are anticipating a highly secretive shipment that is late than the expected time. They were having the kind of clientele who couldn’t be annoyed at all. Duncans was just the bottom of a mysterious and criminal type of food chain that is spanned at least half of the world.
Worth Dying For is a beautiful novel. You will love the main character of this novel, while the supporting cast is not bad as well. For the audio novel, you will be on a joyful ride with the amazing narration of Dick Hill.

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